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LOCATION: South Pacific Ocean
POPULATION: 3,09,654
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Bislama, English
CURRENCY: Vanuatu Vatu
CAPITAL: Port Vila
MAJOR INDUSTRIES: Agriculture, Cattle, Tourism


Vanuatu is a South Pacific Island Archipelago, situated North East of Australia – three hours flight time from Sydney, and a little over two hours from Brisbane. A Commonwealth Nation, Vanuatu has been fully independent since 1980. Comprising some 83 Islands, of which 65 are populated, Vanuatu spans almost 1300 km North to South.
Vanuatu, consistently rated as one of the “Happiest Countries on Earth”. It’s location, people, pristine environment, and natural beauty render this as truly one of the Planet’s last undiscovered “gems”.


Vanuatu is becoming rather well known, not only as a highly desirable destination for tourists but also as a leading choice for investors and those seeking Citizenship-By-Investment (CBI). Also known as the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program (DSP), it offers simple and fast-tracked application process with no requirement for a physical presence in the country.
Investment requirements:  
To obtain citizenship through the Vanuatu Citizenship Program, applicants are required to make a non-refundable contribution (donation) to a local development fund. The purpose of these funds is to support infrastructural development and promote economic growth in the region. The invested amount varies depending on the number of applicants.
Non-refundable contribution from $130,000
  • $130,000 – for a single application
  • $150,000 – married couple application
  • $165,000 – married couple with 1 child
  • $180,000 – married couple with 2 children
The DSP program pricing consists of both a donation and mandatory fees, both of which are set by the government and are required to be adhered to.
Applicant requirements:
  • Applicants must provide proof of funds no less than $250,000.
  • Applicants must have a clean criminal record.
  • Be over 18 years old when applying, and under 65 years old at the time of lodging your application.
Key advantages:
  • Visa-free access to around 129 countries, including Schengen Area and UK. 
  • Fast processing (around 45-60 days).
  • No language requirement.
  •  No requirement to visit or to reside in order to obtain the Citizenship.
  • Hereditary Citizenship.
  • Oath Swearing Ceremony in convenient locations.
  • Bitcoin payment accepted.
  • Safe program with pre-approval before transferring the full investment amount.
  • The whole process of alternative citizenship acquisition is strictly confidential
  • No personal taxation; no wealth taxes, inheritance taxes, gift taxes or income taxes.
  • Citizenship can be granted to spouse / children, dependent children in education, parents and grandparents
Application processing time: 1- 2 months
No physical residence or visit is required
1. Please note, all information provided here should not be considered legal advice.
2. The text is intended as a source of basic information. It is regularly updated. No liability can be accepted for the accuracy or completeness of its contents.
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