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LOCATION: South East Europe
POPULATION: 69,29,639
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Bulgarian, English
CURRENCY: Bulgarian Lev
MAJOR INDUSTRIES: Export of Machinery and Equipment, Energy, Metallurgical, Electrical, Tourism, Food and Beverage


Bulgaria is a EU and NATO member country in southeast of Europe, surrounded by Romania, Turkey, Serbia and Greece. Main industries sectors are energy, mining, metallurgy, machine building, agriculture and tourism. It has low tax rates of 10% personal and corporate tax and a very skilled educated workforce.
Bulgaria is one of the few countries in the EU that has legislation that offers citizenship for foreign investors. Residency is obtained within 3 to 4 months of the initial visa application, and applicants are eligible for citizenship after five years. However, applicants may elect to Fast-Track their citizenship application by doubling their investment granting them citizenship within two years.
Bulgaria is not a member of Schengen area but is expected to join the Schengen in the near future.
Bulgaria offers a permanent residence scheme for foreigners known as the ‘Immigrant investor program’.


  • €250,000 in Business entity (For temporary residency)
  • €300,000 in real estate (For temporary residency)
  • €512,000 (BGN 1 million) Business enterprise capital (Permanent Residency, Immediate) 
  • €512,000 (BGN 1 million) Government bonds (Permanent Residency, Immediate)
Applicants Requirement:
  • Applicant should be a Non-EU citizen.
  • Application should have no criminal record
  • Minimum investment of 1 million BGN (approx EUR 500’000 or more) for PR
  • Proof for source of funds.
  • Proof of investment agreements and power of attorneys certified by Apostille.
Benefits of obtaining Permanent Residence in Bulgaria:
  • Holders of Bulgarian permanent residency can work in Bulgaria without work permit;
  • Non-EU nationals and their families (spouse and minor children) can obtain Permanent Residence in Bulgaria. It should be noted that permanent residence gives the same rights as Bulgarian citizens, except voting;
  • Holding Bulgarian permanent residence for five years entitles you to apply for Bulgarian citizenship;
  • Opportunity to become resident of the European Union. Easy access to EU countries – no visa requirement.
  • Holding a permanent residence the foreign national is entitled to enter and leave the country as many times as they wish without visas.
  • Free education and medical system throughout EU.
  • Becoming a permanent resident, qualifies one as a Bulgaria tax resident
From €512,000 — €1,024,000
To qualify for the Bulgaria Citizenship by Investment Program investors are required to make direct investments of least €512,000 in one or more of the following investment choices: shares of Bulgarian companies, Bulgarian State Bonds, fiduciary investment or intellectual properties. The investment always remains that of an applicant and can be released immediately after grant of citizenship. Additionally, the applicant has the option to diversify their investment portfolio if pursuing their own investment goals and limits.
The program allows for an expedited citizenship application via the fast-track option. This means that after holding a residence permit for at least 1 year, candidates who have made an initial investment of €512,000 can double their investment to the total amount of €1,024,000. After this, candidates immediately become eligible to apply for Bulgarian citizenship. Both investments must be maintained throughout the process and for an additional 2 years after grant of citizenship.
Benefits for Citizenship:
  • Bulgarian Passport in 2-6 years with permanent residency acquired in first 6 months.
  • Enjoy EU freedoms to live, work, study or travel anywhere in the EU.
  • Visa-free access to 169 countries including EU & UK, Canada and Australia.
  • Bulgarian citizens can live in the USA by applying for a E2 Visa due to the country’s E2 reciprocity agreement with the United States.
  • The entire family is eligible, Spouses, children of any age.
  • No physical residency is required, although a residential address must be maintained.
  • Attractive Tax regime as it has one of the lowest tax rates in the EU.
  • Bulgaria allows for dual citizenship.
  • No Language test required.
  • No Donation required as this is an Investment only program, with lowest amount required among the EU countries .
  • Low cost of living for high standard of goods and services.
  • Obtain right to buy and invest in property throughout the EU.
  • Provide your children with access to top-rated universities with lower EU tuition fees.
  • Citizenship transferable by descent regardless of age
Application Processing time: 9-12 months
No Minimum Stay Requirement
1. Please note, all information provided here should not be considered legal advice.
2. The text is intended as a source of basic information. It is regularly updated. No liability can be accepted for the accuracy or completeness of its contents.
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